In this guide, we follow the process of creating a watchOS-only application, which doesn’t have an iOS counterpart and available only on the App Store for Apple Watch.

Create a new project in Xcode

Click File -> New -> Project (Shift+cmd+N), select watchOS tab and choose Watch App.

Creating new watchOS project

Enter a name, hit Next and select a folder where you want to save your project.

Create a new App ID in Developer Portal

Create a new App ID in Apple Developer Portal here: Apple Developer Portal New App ID page

Creating new App ID

App Store Connect

In App Store Connect, go to My Apps, click +, then New App and select, counterintuitively, iOS platform.

Creating new App in App Store Connect

The last unusual thing you need to skip the usual App Previews and Screenshots section.

Skip iOS Screenshots section

Scroll further and expand the Apple Watch section. That’s where you are going to upload your screenshots.

Upload watchOS screenshots in Apple Watch section

If you need a quick way to generate icon sizes for different Apple Watch, you can use service like App Icon Generator, but pay attention to compression artifacts which can appear on some icons: App Icon Generator

Metronome for Watch

As a quick exercise I made this small haptic Metronome watchOS app which is distributed on the App Store for Apple Watch: Metronome for Watch app

Skip iOS Screenshots section